STARGAZER VILLA BY THE SCHINIAS COAST-ASTOUNDING Treat yourself to a unforgettable view of the Aegean in this peaceful "gated" seashore retreat right outside Athens.
Athens, Schinias, Attika,   Greece

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Treat yourself to an unforgettable view of the Aegean in our peaceful "gated" seashore retreat. Our spacious two bedroom, 2 bath part of our villa can accommodate up to 6 guests. A third bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom and private entrance can be made available to accommodate a total of 8 guests. All bedrooms and livingroom are airconditioned and heated via heat pump.

A large living room/dining room designed in a Greek classical style yet modern and very comfortable with an open concept kitchen, can easily accommodate 8-10 people. It is painted light yellow with blue "stucco venetsiano" columns and hidden lighting. The flooring is made of light blue tiles with marble stairs and marble gas fireplace. It has air conditioning in addition to a ceiling fan.
Through the large four windows a breathtaking view is lying at your feet! Literally, from the top of the hill you can see the famous bay of Marathon with its unique blue waters, the trademark of the Aegean! On a clear day one can see as far as Andros, Kea, Evia and several uninhabited islands. The sunrise over the island of Evia is an unforgettable experience.

A well-equipped kitchen with a pass through marble bar to the dining room is perfect for entertaining and enjoying the same view as the living room. A ceramic cook top and convection over, coupled with a microwave oven and a gas powered BBQ (shared, summer only) will meet most if not all of the requirements for a chef if cooking at home is your choice. Dishwasher, top of the line refrigerator, washer and drier, add to your comfort away from home.The dining room is simply furnished with a 50s retro dining room table and chairs.

Bedroom description:
The lower south facing bedroom has a good size loft and an en-suite bathroom and built-in closet. It can accommodate two-four people. It is perfect for families with children (or young adults). The en-suite bathroom renders this bedroom an independent suite. The bathroom is beautifully tiled with custom design and has a shower. The bedroom opens to the primary veranda.

The second bedroom on the other side of the kitchen has a queen size bedroom suite and a large built-in closet. The bedroom window opens to a breathtaking view of the Aegean. The master bathroom has a full size bathtub/shower combination and is beautifully tiled with custom designs.

The third bedroom is on the second floor of the villa. It can be added to the rental space to accommodate 2 additional persons. It has its own bathroom, entrance and balconi. It has two single beds. The entrace way is through the outside stairs of the villa and renders this bedroom suite very private.

The veranda off the living room and bedroom is 55 sq m with astounding views of the coast. If you are an early riser you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sun rises in your life. If sleeping until mid day is more to your liking, then you can enjoy the sunsets and night views of the coast. In the evening, thousands of small lights bordering the land in front of you complemented by the beautiful sky lit by thousands of stars will forever stay in your memory. The full moon nights are unforgettable. Just ask our other guests!

This special and beloved villa in Schinias is our retirement home. When we are not happily sipping our ouzos on its verandas, we spend most of our time playing with our two grandchildren in North Carolina. Feel free to give us a call or email us anytime should you have any questions!


No matter the language or how you spell it, Schinias is a beautiful area bordering both suburban Athens and the Marathon Plains; the site of the Battle of Marathon and the birthplace of the "Marathon Run". Ranked among the top ten tourist attractions by Yahoo Travel.

Enjoy all that Athens has to offer then relax in our home located close to the sea in a rural resort setting with some of the best beaches in Greece. Three aquatic adventures await your pleasure. Only a few minutes down the hill from our villa, you can enjoy delightful swims, snorkelling, or diving off the rocky coast in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. The water here is immediately about three meters deep. Diving off the rocks is very popular among the young and not so young!. The fish and other marine life are delightful to watch while snorkelling. The rocky coastline abounds with secluded spots perfect for sunbathing in privacy. If you prefer sandy beaches, wade and swim at nearby Schinias Beach with its umbrella pine forest, sunny shores, and resorts that offer wind surfing and other water sports

PREFERRED DESTINATIONS: If you want or need a short break from the serenity and quiet of Schinias, you can escape for one day to enjoy a short but very interesting excursion. Here are some of our tips.

1) Athens, Acropolis and Plaka, Museums.

You have not seen Greece if you do not visit the Acropolis! The holy rock of Athens. The citadel and the sanctuary of the city of antiquity. The entrance fee of 12 Euros also allows you to visit the Theater of Dionysos, Keramikos (cemetery of ancient Athens), Temple of Olympian Zeus (biggest temple of antiquity), Ancient agora and Roman agora within a week. It is best to take the bus from Schinias, which take you into downtown Athens in an hour (give or take depending on traffic) and then take the brand new metro to the Acropolis. It takes several visits to appreciate all you are seeing and the history behind it. You must visit the archeological museum at minimum! Others equally important are the Byzantine museum.

2) Athens, Lycavitos

The highest hill of Athens (277m) offers a fantastic view to Attica. The nice little chapel of St. George and the theater in the north of the hill, make it especially attractive. One can enjoy a dinner or a drink at the restaurant on top of the hill.

How to get here? Don't drive. Take the bus into Athens from either Schinais or Marathonas and then the metro anywhere you wold liek to go. Leave the drivign to the Greeks! Parking is very challenging to the tourist.

3) Vravrona - Artemis's shrine

Vravrona is one of the twelve communities that Theseus incorporated into the State of Athens. There is a Neolithic settlement there above the shrine, which is said to have been founded by Iphigenia, the daughter of Clytemnistra and Agamemnon.
Artemis was worshiped here as the protectress of childbirth. Vravrona became an orphanage of children whose mothers had died in childbirth. The sota (orphanage place) and the remnants of the temple are all that remain from 6 century B.C. The Vravrona museum is very interesting with many exhibits which have to do with women and children. Vravrona is about 50 minutes from the villa, following Marathonas highway and then the road by the sea all the way down to Loutsa.

4) Porto Rafti

A quaint little port town mostly summer resort for the Athenians. Charming boardwalk and beautiful surroundings.

5) Agia Marina port - Evia

The port of Agia Marina is 10 minutes away form Schinias. You can take the ferry across to Evia in 30 minutes. Evia is one of the biggest islands of the Aegean. You can take long drives and visit Karystos to the south or Halkida to the north and be back at night. There are many wonderful beaches one can explore on this island.

6) Rafina Port -Andros, Tinos, Myconos, Karystos

From the port of Rafina, one can take the ferry boat or the "flying dolphin" to any of these three islands or all. Take the ferry in the morning and be back in Shcinais at night. Rafina is 30 minutes from the villa. You can also take the ferry to Karystos of Evia.
Each one of these islands offers a unique experience of the Aegean islands.

7) Sounion, the temple of Poseidon

A nice excursion alongside the southern coast of Attika. The imposing temple of the God of the seas. Poseidon, offers a panoramic view to the open Aegean sea. One should not miss the breathtaking sunset over the temple and the vast expanse of water. The car ride is about 1.5 hours from the villa.
Corinth, St. Paul's church, ancient Corinth, agora

A nice drive down the western part of Attika along Saronikos brings you to the Isthmus from where Corinth is 10 minutes. The 4 lane superhighway gets yo uto Corinth in 1.5 hours. Visit the church where St. Paul first preached to the Corinthians. The museum is of special interest as well as the agora. A hike to the acrocorinth will uncover incredible views of the Gulf and the mountains across.

9) Mycenae

Mycenae is the most important prehistoric archeological site of the mainland, situated on east Peloponese. It has been brought into light at the end of the 19th century by Heinrich Schlieman. The Cyclopean fortification walls of the Acropolis, the beehive tomb of Atreus are some of the worth seeing monuments. The car ride through major 4 lane highways is about 2 hours from the villa.

10) Delphi

At the foot of the mountain Parnasos, Delphi offers the visitor a fantastic view of the olive trees of Amphisa, overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and the mountains of the Peloponese. For the ancient Greeks, Delphi was the center "the navel" of the Earth. The impressive archeological site of Delphi, the sanctuary of Apollo, is extremely interesting, while its museum has some worth seeing exhibits amongst which is the famous "Charioteer". The car ride is about 3 hours from the villa.

11) Epidaurus

The most famous theater of ancient Greece. It was built in the 4th century B.C. and is one of the best-preserved ancient theatres. It is world famous for its extraordinary acoustic, which is a result of the high technical knowledge at the time. It is used nowadays, during the summer months, for the Athens festival theatrical performances. The car ride takes about 3 hours, over 4 lane highways most of the time.

12) Mykonos

There is a vast number of beach in Mykonos. Among them: Platis Yalos with varois water sports facilities, Psarou, where is the scuba diving center; Paradise and Super Paradise, Elia - famous by their nude beaches! The typical cycladic colour, the lively atmosphere, the friendly and easy-going people and the endless relation with the glorious past.


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