Cordoba Delight. Romantic get-away in the Argentine Mountain-Valley of "Punilla", in Villa Giardino, Cordoba, nestled between beautiful upper-crust resort-town of "La Cumbre", and
middle-class town of "La Falda", on Argentina's "Missionary-Trail", with three Jesuit Missions in the area, dating back to the XVI Century.
Villa Giardino,   Argentina

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Argentina Home Exchange & Vacation Rental
Lovely Vacation Cottage nestled in the Valley of Punilla, Cordoba, between the towns of
"La Falda" and "La Cumbre", ten mins. from either by car.

Four-thousand feet altitude affords a drier, more enjoyable micro-climate, unique to the
region. For a/v see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FwxSwVrSFk youtube link

World-famous golfing and para-sailing competitions are held there regularly, "mar y
sierras" car-race goes through the region around May. Countless cultural events, the yearly tango
competition, Halloween car-rallies, etc., take place through-out the year.

Well-known for its affable population, the area affords world-class dining at bargain-basement

Located on the "Missionary Trail", it has three Jesuit Missions within easy reach, that date
back to XVI Century! Various roads lead to breath-taking sights such as the Water-Falls, the Hot-Springs, the tree-lined streets of "Colonia Caroya", founded by Italian Immigrants, famous for its home-made
Salami and Cheese.

There are countless things to see and enjoy, and Argentines are well-aware of the beauty of
the place and amiability of its people. Giardino's also famous for the "Camino de los Artesanos", where beautiful weaves, jewelry and exotic designs are sold in a gorgeous rural setting by the Artists that make them. Originally Hippies that left the big city in the 70's following's a youtube link to a local "camino" troop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSEBtwFMNEI

Real-Estate has doubled in the last two years, (yes, doubled), and, as the economy is
growing annually at aprox. 7-9% they may double-again soon!

The Chalet is a two-bedroom house, sitting on about a 1/3 acre, in a tranquil, yet
convenient location, a short-walk from the lake and tea-house. Near the fanciest Hotel in-town,
where a full-spa treatment can run you a fraction of what you'd pay in the states, and 9 mins.

From a town where the right medical plan ($10 per mo.) will get you meds. cheaper than Canada,
or Mexico, but legally, not to mention better health-care than I've received in San Diego, and no-wait E.R. attention sporting the latest technology!

The structure is solid, there's a franklin-stove for the winter (an antique English green-
ceramic beauty), furniture is solid-wood antique, a state-of-the-art TV, cable, telephone and Internet + DVD reader set-up. Two blocks away is the property manager, ready to assist with any need or eventuality, there's a high-tech alarm-system, a car-port, etc. photos included. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further info, I will consider rentals as well...760-888-9600



LISTING OPTION:     Home Exchange & Vacation Rental
PREFERRED DESTINATIONS:    San Diego, where I have my business, possibly San Francisco, where my daughter lives, or Malibu, wher my business still has a presence from having started there, or France, where my son lives!
PERIOD OF AVAILABILITY:   Not normally available Easter-week, mid-July, or Dec-Feb, though exceptions can easily be made by contacting me!
RENTAL RATE:    $270 week-end
$450 week
$1,350 month
$4,050 three-months
RENTAL AVAILABILITY:    Contact owner.



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